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 JJ -vs- Chimaira ...

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Jungle Jim

Jungle Jim

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JJ -vs- Chimaira ... Empty
PostSubject: JJ -vs- Chimaira ...   JJ -vs- Chimaira ... EmptyMon Aug 31, 2009 2:15 pm

Just as Chimaria steps into the ring the entrance music for Rey Mysterio Black Mask starts to play. Chimaria turns to watch and waits for Rey to enter the arena and Jungle Jim attacks him from behind.
Jungle Jim grabs his opponent by the legs and behind the neck then he lifts him and he slams him with the face to the ground connecting a strong T-Bone DDT!!
Jungle Jimoh, by the way ... Rey says HI

[insert the rest of the match here]
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JJ -vs- Chimaira ...
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