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 Chimaira Prepares himself for rey

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Chimaira Prepares himself for rey Empty
PostSubject: Chimaira Prepares himself for rey   Chimaira Prepares himself for rey EmptyTue Jul 07, 2009 6:40 pm

--the camera pans around to find chimaira sat in the corner of a dark room staring at a replica of rey's mask--

"Your mask will be mine --sinister laugh-- i will tear that mask off your face, take your body and throw it in the trash with the rest of the rubbish that leaves this arena"

--Chimaira moves to within centimetre's off the mask--

"i will take you to the pits of hell before i take your legacy, be warned rey i'm coming for you"

-- Further sinister laughs as the screen goes dark, the lights come back on to find that the replica of the mask had been torn to shreds--
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Chimaira Prepares himself for rey
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