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 Chimaira's Anger

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PostSubject: Chimaira's Anger   Chimaira's Anger EmptyThu Aug 20, 2009 4:26 am

The camera zooms in backstage in a deep area backstage once though to be forgotten about after disturbances were heard, as the camera reaches the area of the disturbance there are torches set alight burning, an image of hunchback in the middle with the words "you're win is your last" no sign of anyone been there, a rustling is heard, the camera pans around to find nothing, the camera pans back to the image to find that it is missing, but another image is there of chimaira's bloody face, written on the image is "my blood dripped, my soul torn, my anger has risen"

The camera turns round to see chimaira staring down the camera, his eyes piercing through the soul of the camera man, chimaira grabs the cameraman, the camera falls to the floor, loud screaming is heard from off the screen, finally those screams subside, footsteps are heard walking towards the camera, the camera is moved facing the cameraman, knocked out with the words,
"hunchback, this is your fate" The torches fall over and set the cameraman alight
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Chimaira's Anger
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