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 Chimaira Revels In His Win

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Chimaira Revels In His Win Empty
PostSubject: Chimaira Revels In His Win   Chimaira Revels In His Win EmptyFri Jul 17, 2009 4:17 pm

the camera zooms in to the boiler room as scary laughing noises have been heard, the camera gets closer as the hystric laughing gets louder, zooming in the camera notices Chimaira and now we can hear what chimaira is saying

you thought you could beat me, you thought you could hurt me

The camera pans down to see what chimaira is looking at below him is a Rey action figure

i took your body and i tore you to pieces and do you know what
Chimaira drops down to the figure
it's not over yet, i am coming for you, i'm coming to tear that mask off your head
chimaira places his fingers either side of the figure's head trying to pry the mask away with his nail, progressively getting more and more frustrated
ARGHHHH if i can't take your mask off then there is just one thing for it
Chimaira Pulls off the figures head
I'm coming for you rey

Chimaira walks away from the back and the cameraman moves around from where he was hiding, as he moves around more items of rey memoribilia are seen all of them have the head removed

Note: hey guy's i'm away for a week as of this saturday, so i give rey permission to use my charecter in RP's while i'm away.
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Chimaira Revels In His Win
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