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 Midian addresses the fans

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Midian addresses the fans Empty
PostSubject: Midian addresses the fans   Midian addresses the fans EmptyWed Jul 29, 2009 8:37 am

The camera opens up, loud music is heard as the camera pans around showing hundreds of young men and women dancing wildly to the beat the DJ is playing. The dance club is dark, lit by many strobing lights of varied colors. The camera pulls around, showing that we are in the VIP box of the club, and it's owner, Midian, is seen sitting in a large throne like chair, several scantily clad men and women seeing to his every need, the BWB TV Championship draped across his shoulder.

Midian eats a few grapes one lovely heavily pierced girl is feeding him before waving her away and looking into the camera.

Midian: Hello BWB. Welcome to my personal sanctuary. This, is The Gates of Midian, my club, my palace, my cathedral. Here, I can openly be who I am without reprisal. Here I am God.

Midian leans forward and grins as a man brings him a tray with a glass and a bottle, Midian takes them both, and pours a large glass of bourbon.

Midian: When last we saw each other BWB, I was celebrating my victory as BWB TV champion...

Midian strokes the belt across his shoulder, and smiles as the camera zooms in showing a single bloody hand print staining the face of the belt.

Midian: I warned Jungle Jim, that I would win, and do so by any means I saw fit. This blood, is his, it is the sacrament to my rise as champion, and his payment for being blessed enough to be in the same ring as myself.

Midian grins and throws his head back, swallowing the entire glass of liquor in one gulp, he tosses the glass and a servant catches it, as Midian nods in approval.

Midian: My children are very good at their jobs, and it is because they love them, they love ME. Soon BWB, you will live me too, whether you want to or not. I will bring such glorious violence to you as has never before been seen by man. You will become addicts, and I shall become your drug.

Suddenly, another servant comes up to Midian in a hurry.

Servant: I am sorry sir, but you said to let you know as soon as he arrived, and he is just outside the door.

Midian: Good boy, go show him in, there is unfinished business at hand.

Midian now stands as the servant runs to the door, returning briefly with Demonic Icon at his side.

Midian: Welcome, I trust you had no trouble finding us?

Demonic Icon: None at all, but enough of the pleasantries, you have something for me?

Midian smiles : Surely you want more than that Icon? Here you may feed nearly any vice you may have, and no one will ever give it a second thought.

Demonic Icon simply stands, staring and Midian sighs.

Midian: Very well, bring it in.

[b]two servants run in with two large cases, they put them on a table and open them, showing them full of cash.

Midian: Half a million dollars, paid for services rendered.

Demonic Icon smiles and closes the cases, meeting eyes with Midian, he stops.

Demonic Icon: What else do you have to say. I see your mind working?

Midian: Nothing much, I just wondered if you would like a chance to earn even more money in my employment. Money, and perhaps a few less substantial, but just as valuable things.

Demonic Icon: Like?

Midian: Fear. The pain of others. to have grown men wet themselves at just the thought of your name. Join me Icon, and I will breed into you an evil so black that no ray of light could hope to pierce it. Join with me, and our Theater of Pain will tour the world, sowing despair and fear as we go. what do you say Demonic Icon? Are you ready to step out of the shadows and become a part of true darkness?
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Midian addresses the fans
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