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 PPV - Frank addresses the crowd

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PPV - Frank addresses the crowd Empty
PostSubject: PPV - Frank addresses the crowd   PPV - Frank addresses the crowd EmptyThu Oct 22, 2009 4:40 am

"Breakout" by the Foo Fighters blasts throughout the arena as Frank Christopher strides down to the ring, the normal boos replaced by cheers. He has a microphone in hand. Over a yellow T-shirt, he wears a black zip-up hoodie with the letters "F" and "C" intertwined on the back in bright yellow trimmed in silver, baggy navy black pants pants and brilliant yellow high-tops. As he nears the ring, he leaps up onto the ring apron and climbs through the ropes. When he reaches the middle of the ring he drops to a knee and extends both thumbs upwards and points to himself mouthing, "I am EPIC truth" as the crowd chants along. After a few seconds of posing for the fans, Christopher stands up and motions across his throat with an open hand.
Frank Christopher: Cut my music, please. Ladies and gentlemen, once again, you...are in...the presence...
Frank holds the microphone out to the crowd with his right hand and holds his left hand to his ear as the crowd cheers in unison, "OF GREATNESS!" Frank Christopher smiles at the crowd and turns his head to the announce table and mouths something to Felix and Darren. He brings the microphone back to his mouth and turns to face the camera again.
Frank Christoper: Well, well, well. Apparently, you've started listening to me. Apparently the revolution is beginning. Fans, this is just the first step, just the first step. You see, you're starting to recognize the truth. The truth that you've been sold a useless bill of goods by the people who run the BWB. The truth that your so-called "heroes" are nothing more than fabrications designed to put your backsides in the seats.
Christopher lowers the microphone to his side, strides over to the ropes, and leans over them with his arms dangling outside the ring. He has a massive ear-to-ear smile on his face and his eyes blaze with energy.
Frank Christopher: But recognizing the truth and acting on it are two different things. Let me repeat that, recognizing the truth and acting on in are two different things. I act on the truth. That's how I came to be here tonight. I do what I see needs to be done. I speak the truth. I act the truth. I expose the truth. So far in BWB, the truth hasn't been that hard to find. I showed you that I am someone of action with Mr. Jinters. He thought I needed to be taught some respect. With Ace Skywalker, I showed you that your view of your heroes was flawed. With Schizio, I showed you that what you believed about wrestling was flawed because you have been sold a bill of goods. Every time, the truth came out on top.
Christopher straightens up, turns, and walks back to the center of the ring where he stops and glances around at the fans who are cheering at every word. He has an enormous smile on his face as he drinks in the accolades from the fans around him.
Frank Christopher:...And you still don't understand. Tonight, I'll step in the ring with another one of the precious "heroes" here in BWB. Tonight, I'll continue my assault on the establishment of BWB. Tonight, I continue my quest to reveal to you, the average fan, the truth behind everything. I am Frank Christopher and
Christopher throws his arms out to his sides and the fans shout "EPIC TRUTH!" Frank Christopher's smile is gone replaced with a scowl. The happiness that adorned his face just moments earlier is gone and his brow creases and the fire in his eyes blazes to a new intensity. Christopher drops the microphone in the middle of the ring and rolls between the ropes to the outside then starts stalking his way up the entrance ramp toward the backstage area. The fans reach out to give him high fives and fist bumps but he just paces right past them up the ramp as they cheer him on the way out of the arena.
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PPV - Frank addresses the crowd
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