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Jungle Jim

Jungle Jim

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PostSubject: JUNGLE JIM   JUNGLE JIM EmptyTue Jun 30, 2009 4:55 am

Jungle Jim

face / heel ... I like to think of myself as a tweener, turning on the charm or letting out the savage in me as needed
currently, I'm playing as a tweener/face


Demonic Knights

anyone care to RP with me and help rid the world of the above EVIL, PM me


Congo Smack - I double my fists and do a 360 degree spin and attempt to connect with a back spinning double fist to my opponents head

Tiger Claw - I raise my fist to the sky and flex my fingers and then slam my hand with a vice-like grip into my opponent face


Jungle Roar - I pound on my chest with my fists and let out a "Tarzan" like yell


The arena lights grow dim and the spotlights are turned on. They start to swirl around the stadium in a multicolored sway of intense lights and finally stop, highlighting the center stage. The curtains draw back to reveal a jungle like backdrop. The braying of an elephant can be heard, along with the chattering of moneys and other exotic animals. The faint sound of war drums can be heard way off in the distance. Bright blue parrots and rainbow colored macaws fly out over the audience. The drums become louder and louder before finally bursting into the Guns and Roses song "Welcome to the Jungle".

The multi-colored spotlights that were focused on the center stage begin to circulate thru their colors ... faster and faster the colors come ... violet ... red ... orange ... yellow ... green ... blue ... before suddenly exploding into an intense white light.

A lone figure can be seen, silhouetted against the now darken backdrop. It is dressed in only a loin cloth ...

"Weighing in at 225 pounds and hailing from parts unknown .... ladies and gentlemen here is Jungle Jim"
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