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 Interview from the JUNGLE LOUNGE ...

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Jungle Jim

Jungle Jim

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Interview from the JUNGLE LOUNGE ... Empty
PostSubject: Interview from the JUNGLE LOUNGE ...   Interview from the JUNGLE LOUNGE ... EmptyMon Aug 03, 2009 1:04 am

Interview from the JUNGLE LOUNGE ... Entran10

Allie : Good Evening Backyard Wrestling fans, Allie here and I'm standing just outside the Jungle Lounge, the "newly" created private dressing room of that exotic wrestler known as Jungle Jim

Jungle Jim (in his best Joey (from Friends) imitation) : Hey, how yous doin ?

Jungle Jim looks at Allie and gives her a small up nod twitch with his head. He smiles and flashes his pearly whites at her and then struts in her direction, all the while pointing at her.

Jungle Jim : This the first you been in the Lounge ?

Allie : Yes it is ... and I must say that I'm impressed ... If I'm not mistaken, this used to be just a broom closet here in the basement of the BWB. From the outside it looks so tiny, but once you get in here, it's so huge ...

Jungle Jim chuckles a little.

Jungle Jim : You're starting to sound like all my other female fans that have come down here ...
(in a high pitched, girly voice) ... ohhh, Mr Jungle Jim, it's so big !!!

But seriously, I wanted something familiar ... something relaxing and warm ... you know, something that would remind me of my own village.
Here, let me show you around ...

Jungle Jim holds his arm out for Allie as she lets him guide her on a small tour of the Lounge. He points out some of the local flora and fauna wildlife and and finally shows her a path that lead down into a steep ravine ...

Jungle Jim : ... and over here is my newly finished swimmin' hole, complete with a majestic lookin' waterfall ... so what you think ?

Allie : OH...MY...GAWD !!! ... that's got to be as big as an Olympic Sized Swimming Pool ... and that waterfall ... it ... it ... it has to be at least 20 feet tall

Jungle Jim leads Allie over to a small clearing that has a few chairs, a large shady umbrella and a small wet bar nearby

Jungle Jim : You look as if you could use a drink, I think I got some ice cold lemonade back here. You want some ???

Allie nods her head in a yes manner as she sits on a nearby lounge chair and looks around. Palm trees, jungle bushes and vines fill the area in a endless array of color and texture. Monkeys can be heard chatting from just out of view, and the occasional parrot flies overhead ...

Interview from the JUNGLE LOUNGE ... Jungle10

Jungle Jim returns and hands Allie her drink

Allie : Thanks. I gotta tell ya JJ this is just simply fantastic, truly amazing ...

Jungle Jim : Aww, thats sweet of ya to say so, but it's nothing really ... just a lot of smoke, mirrors and fiber optic illusions ... Hey I got a joke for ya ... wanna hear it ?

Before Allie has a chance to respond, Jungle Jim jumps right into it

Jungle Jim : 3 wrest... umm ... guys .... or whatever ... just break out of jail

Allie : ummm ... can I ask why were they in jail ?

Jungle Jim : I don't know, let's say ... cause they was dumb and got caught

Allie : Oh, ok ... that makes sense

Jungle Jim : Anyways, they was running from the cops and they run into an old barn to hide. Stitch hides up in the loft, Midian hides in the stalls, and Demonic Icon hides in a potato sack.

The cops run in. One cop ran up to the loft and the Stitch says, 'meowwwww'. 'Nothing but a little cat up here' says the cop.

'Okay, let's go check the stalls' So they go there and start to search. Midian goes 'moooooooooo', so the cop says 'Nothing in here but a cow'. '

'Okay, lets go check over there by that potato sack' so they go over there and Demonic Icon goes 'potatoooo.'

Jungle Jim is on the floor. He is laughing so hard he has tears rolling out of his eyes. Allie has a blank look on her face as she just stares into nowhereland.

Allie : I don't get it

Jungle Jim stands up and RUSHES to the camera and gets as close as he can to the lens


Jungle Jim stops talking for a moment. Takes a step back away from the camera and catches his breathe and slowly exhales, forcing him self to calm down.

(in a calmer voice now)
Listen chump ... you interfered with my TV title match at the last Pay Per View against Midian, costing me MY TITLE ... YES ... MY TITLE and now the two of you have joined up with each other, that must make you feel so proud, I'm so choked up ... I thought we were friends ... I wasn't even invited to the wedding ...

sniff ... sniff ... Jungle Jim hangs his head and pretends to wipe a tear away from his eye.
Slowly JJ raises his head and makes eye contact with the camera again.

(in a even more calmer voice)
You just don't get it do ya ??? y'all don't have the intelligence to know when you are being made a fool of ...
well ... here's some advice ...

do yourself a favor and go run away ...

take your little stable of broken playmates and go hide under that sack of potatoes somewhere and pray to what ever idol you believe in, that I don't find you first ... cause when I do ...

no matter where you are or WHO YOU ARE WITH ... it won't matter ... your mine ...


... don't think I forgot about you, cause ... you - me ... we ain't done yet ... after I take care of Demonic Icon, I'm coming after you, your inbred family, and MY TITLE

Jungle Jim starts walking away, towards a hut that sits in the near distance. Allie watches him and finally starts to smile and giggles a little ...

Allie : ... oh, I get it now ... that's cute ... mooooo goes the cow ...
For Backyard Wrestling, this is Allie ...
she takes another look around the room ... reporting from the Jungle Lounge.
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Interview from the JUNGLE LOUNGE ... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Interview from the JUNGLE LOUNGE ...   Interview from the JUNGLE LOUNGE ... EmptyMon Aug 03, 2009 1:22 am

Awesome RP, Jim. Just magnificent Very Happy And long Surprised
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Interview from the JUNGLE LOUNGE ... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Interview from the JUNGLE LOUNGE ...   Interview from the JUNGLE LOUNGE ... EmptyWed Aug 05, 2009 5:59 am

should I reply to this? or please pm me the link were you want me to rp. or who to role play against. I am not sure what to do.
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Interview from the JUNGLE LOUNGE ... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Interview from the JUNGLE LOUNGE ...   Interview from the JUNGLE LOUNGE ... Empty

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Interview from the JUNGLE LOUNGE ...
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