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 To go before my next match with ANNACHIE

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The Silver Fanged Wolf

The Silver Fanged Wolf

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To go before my next match with ANNACHIE Empty
PostSubject: To go before my next match with ANNACHIE   To go before my next match with ANNACHIE EmptyTue Oct 13, 2009 9:07 am

The camera shows Annachie walking backstage. He opens up a door, and it shows The Silver Fanged Wolf in his locker room, wearing a black jacket, putting on some arm bands. Annachie catches him by suprise and grabs him by the collar of his jacket, and TSFW seems a little suprised.

Annachie: "Explain yourself now."

TSFW: "What's the matter, I hurt your feelings?"

Annachie lets drops him to the ground, but pushes him up against the wall again.

"Why'd you sneak attack me Wolf, huh?
After you attacked me in your debut, I went looking for you, but you left the arena with your tail between your legs.
But now I got you -

TSFW: Got me and what? What are you going to do?
Wouldn't it be a shame if you were walking backstage, or if you were in a match,
and in this BWB jungle a certain wolf lost his temper and snapped?

TSFW looks at Annachie eye to eye, refusing to flinch.
He even grins a little, while Annachie looks completely serious.

"What the hell is your problem?
Just attacking me out of nowhere?"

"Yeah, someone attacking someone out of nowhere, sound familiar?
I guess sick minds think alike."

Annachie pauses, then lets go of him. He still stands in TSFW's face, and TSFW pops his collar back. TSFW spits some sort of red mist into Annachie's face, and Annachie stumbles back, clutching at his eyes.

"Well, I guess you deserve an explanation.
The thing is that no matter where I've been, it's always has been just a jungle.
Now from what I can tell, I'm not about to get any respect here just sitting around.
I'm just a noob here. I've taught my lessons across the nation, but I'm still not a clear role model to those people.
I haven't proven myself yet.
Wouldn't the best way for me to prove myself be to beat up one of the people on the top of the food chain?
Only thing is, when I was aiming for the top, I wound up stuck with you.
Ah well. Doesn't matter who I enlighten, hopefully the impact will be the thing that matters."

Annachie now has both hands clutching at his face. A staff member has came to try to assist Annachie.

"And Annachie, you were right. I snapped, and I was wrong.
So, I decided to do you a favor. Since I did you a wrong, I am going to something right,
and give you a rematch. It's already confirmed.
So good luck out there, you'll need it.
And yes, I forgive you for attacking me.
I mean, you've been a loser iof the food chain here for so long,
you had to find someone to give you a boost to the top."

Felix: How the HELL can he expect him to fight after that?! Annachie could be blinded! What the hell was that stuff?

Darren: What? He got attacked, he defended himself, end of story.

TSFW stands over Annachie with a smile on his face. He extends his hand out sarcastically, as if he thought he would shake it, then he shrugs and leaves. The camera focuses on Annachie, on the ground, trying to deal with the pain. Then fade to black.
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To go before my next match with ANNACHIE
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