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 Surprise Match

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PostSubject: Surprise Match   Surprise Match EmptySun Aug 23, 2009 11:45 pm

The Warrior is seated on a bench in the locker room, reading a newspaper while Allie approaches for an unexpected interview.

Allie: Warrior, how about your match tonight? You finally got what You wished for.

The Warrior answers with a surprised look on his face.

The Warrior: How about it? By the way, which match are we talking about?

Allie: Your match with Cykill, the Intercontinental Champion.

The Warrior starts smiling.

The Warrior: Oh, that is surprising. To have a match, not to fight that joke of a wrestler. He's so full of himself that sometimes I wonder if he's playin' or if he really has his head stuck so deep up his butt that he can't see how pathetic he is.

Allie: Wow, this will really upset him.

The Warrior becomes serious and starts shouting.

The Warrior: Baby, do You think that I care who I upset, or how many so called "Champions" I have to wake up to reality? This is a fed where the weakest wrestlers are fired every damn season, where if you're not tough enough, and if You don't deliver a hell of a match every damn night, You get droped back into anonymity.

Allie: But in the start of the season, You've said that You wanna become one of this so called "champions".

The Warrior: No, Allie, I've said that I wanna defeat them, spoil them of those belts, and for the ones who deserve it, humiliate them. I'm not like them, I don't get happy if You give me a shinny belt, I wanna dominate the ring and the arena, and that's why tonight You will testify a hell of a match.

The Warrior looks at his watch and starts smiling again.

The Warrior: Now, get the hell out of here as I have to take a shower and prepare myself. Or You wanna come in and wash my back?

Allie looks embarassed.

Allie: No, it's ok, Warrior, good luck.

Allie exit the locker room in a hurry as the camera fades to black.
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Surprise Match
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