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 Annachie: Ring entrance and mike piece for saterday show

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Annachie:  Ring entrance and mike piece for saterday show Empty
PostSubject: Annachie: Ring entrance and mike piece for saterday show   Annachie:  Ring entrance and mike piece for saterday show EmptyThu Aug 13, 2009 8:54 pm

[[[Ring entrance]]]
Ring Announcer: "Introducing first, The Australian Love God, Annachie"
"I was made for loving you" by Kiss blares out over the PA system as a shower of sparks rains down over the entrance.
The sparks and smoke clear to reveal the silouetted of a wrestler.
Suddenly Bright lights illuminate the entryway revealing the striking figure of Annache, resplendant in wrestling tights, long black duster and mirror shades.
Annachie makes his way down to the ring, waving and high fiveing he wildly cheering crowds.
Annachie slides into the ring and climbs onto the top rope, posing for the wildly cheering crowds,
blowing kisses to the more attractive women.
[[[/ring entrance]]]

Annachie leans over the ropes to accept a microphine from the ring attendants.
Annachie: "Thankyou for welcoming me to the Backyard Wrestling Battleground!!"
Annachie pauses while the crowd chears.
Annachie: "Thankyou for welcoming me into your hearts"
Annachie pauses again for the cheering crowds.
Annachie: "And ladies, thankyou for welcoming me into your beds"
The crowd cheers and cat calls wildly.
Annachie: "I am the Australian Love God! The Sultan of Sexuality!"
Annachie pauses.
Annachie: "The Inseminator!!"
The crowd cheers and wolf wistles.
Annachie: "I am Manhood personified, and I will proove my manhood by standing over the defeated corpse of whatever Jabronie they decide to send out!!!"
Annachie throws the microphone and turns to await his opponent.

[[[Needs colouring, but I'm in a mood sarcastic lol ]]]
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Annachie: Ring entrance and mike piece for saterday show
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