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 Dorm brings out RMBM to the ring

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Dorm brings out RMBM to the ring Empty
PostSubject: Dorm brings out RMBM to the ring   Dorm brings out RMBM to the ring EmptySun Sep 27, 2009 3:49 am

The Crowd is still in an exciting mood after the last match ended until the lights in the arena is all shut down.. Sparks on the stage arena then showers the arena as Dorm-Mi-Nance's titan tron appears on the screen..

Dorm brings out RMBM to the ring Dormminance

Dorm-Mi-Nance then enters the arena in his Ashton martin DB5 wearing a black coat..Paparazzi walks within the vehicles as the are taking picture of him in his vehicle..He then gets off his vehicle and enters the ring which are covered in red carpet..Dorm-Mi-Nance then approaches the announcer table and ask one of the crew sitting there to take him the microphone..He then took the microphone and moves to the center of the ring..he then looks around looking at the fan which are jeering on his presence..He then highers the microphone to his chin and say..

You guys again..Getting bored looking at you fools to jeer me out..(sigh)Anyway,I don't care about you fools..What I want is someone from the backstage who must be wondering around or maybe training..He wasn't in the arena on the start of this season.. And I wonder if he is lazy..So,I wanted to call him out..Come out here Rey Mysterio Black Mask..

Dorm then stares at the stage and smiles as he awaits the arrival of Rey..Then the arena is covered in silence..After a few minutes, Rey's titan tron then hits the screen..He walk down the ramp and enter the ring..He took the microphone of Dorm's hand and pushes Dorm backward..Dorm face changes showing everyone that he is frustrated but he calms himself back keep his cool..

Hey kid!!Don't ever say that I'm lazy..Because I'm not!!I'm wonder around back there to find myself an opponent and now it seems like I've found one..And the person is right in front of me..

Dorm shove the microphone away from Rey's hand and say..

So,you decide to make me as your opponent huh?I'm just glad to hear that because coincidentally I wanted to ask you for a match..

Rey took back the microphone from Dorm and say..

So,that means you accepted it huh?If that is so,what about having a match right now!!

Dorm then shove back the microphone of him and say..

Can't you see what I'm wearing?It could be an advantage for you..

Rey then pulls Dorm's hand which is holding the mic and say..

I don't care about that..

Rey then charges his and wanting to punch Dorm's in the face but stops when Demonic Knights Titan tron hits the Screen..The other 3 members then rushes into the ring but can't get into the ring on the right time as Rey Mysterio Black Mask got off the ring and into the crowd just before they reach the ring..Rey then gets back to the backstage through the fans seat..Young Gun then took the microphone from Dorm and say..

He is lucky gets off the ring in time..

Dorm then smiles and say..

Thanks guys..Don't mind about him because it won't be fun to fight him with the advantage all on my sides..

Dorm thanks the 3 of them and lets Zambo leads them of the Arena..
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Dorm brings out RMBM to the ring
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