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 Kazooie's gimmick

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Kazooie's gimmick Empty
PostSubject: Kazooie's gimmick   Kazooie's gimmick EmptySun Oct 11, 2009 7:25 pm

Kazooie is a young, cocky superstar who thinks he's better than he is, loves himself, and only cares for himself. Because of this nature he has no friends, and doesn't get along with other superstars, because he winds everyone up that he speaks to. Kazooie's WWE counterpart would be Jack Swagger.

Unlike a lot of heel wrestlers, he isn't afraid of anyone. Kazooie has potential to become one of the stars of BWB (and he'll let you know it!), but he is just about modest enough to realise that he isn't quite there yet.


Is that enough for a gimmick? If I need to add more, I'd be more that happy too.

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Kazooie's gimmick
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