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 Dixie Lee's Gimmick

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Dixie Lee's Gimmick Empty
PostSubject: Dixie Lee's Gimmick   Dixie Lee's Gimmick EmptySun Jun 28, 2009 6:22 pm

Real Name: Dixie Lee Moses
In Ring Name: Dixie Lee
Ring Attire: Black Wrestling Costume with black leather stiletto high heeled boots
Height: 5 foot 11
Weight: 100 lbs
Age: 18 (TWG Age)
Birth Place: South Carolina
Alignment: Heel
Gimmick: An Asskicking Femme Fatale
Entrance Music: Dixieland
Entrance Video:



Signature/Trademark moves

Modified Real Deal
Modified Uraken
Modified Springboard Corkscrew Splash


Infatuated Decision (Direct Damage)

Wrestler's History:

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Dixie Lee's Gimmick
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