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 Chimaira's Gimmick

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PostSubject: Chimaira's Gimmick   Chimaira's Gimmick EmptyWed Jun 24, 2009 1:34 am

Name: Chimaira

Height: 6'8

Weight 380 lb

Allignment: Heel

Gimmick Type: Monster

Background: Chimaira's Background is relatively unknown, his only memory of his childhood was been dropped into a river while he was 2 years old, watching the shadows of what he believe's was his parent dissapear while he sunk under the water, He awoke in a hospital surrounded by frantic doctors and nurses, it appear when he was dragged under he was repeatadly banged against rocks and the side of the enbankment, leaving his face scarred and unrecognisable.

As chimaira grew up his anger grew the more he thought about the shadows, uncontrolable as a child he found something he enjoyed... wrestling, he spent his young adult life beating one opponent after another, although not the most techincal of wrestlers, his anger and strength allowed him to overcome opponents from all backgrounds.

When he hit 18 he went out into the world to find more opponents to face, to tear apart, to destroy with his bear hands.. and from here his story continues.

Image: he wears a very plain set of dark clothes trying to cover up his scars, wearing a mask over his face leaving only his mouth and his eyes visable to the world.

Aim: To take each and every opponent he comes accross and make them suffer the same as he has had to suffer in his life.
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Chimaira's Gimmick
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