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 An X2Xample of X2X's Gimmick.

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An X2Xample of X2X's Gimmick. Empty
PostSubject: An X2Xample of X2X's Gimmick.   An X2Xample of X2X's Gimmick. EmptyThu Oct 08, 2009 9:06 am

Born into a rich family, X2X had everything he had wanted in his life; when he was a kid, he had the best bike, the most expensive basketball and a football signed by Joe Nameth. So when he decided he wanted to become a wrestler, he got into the best wrestling school in Connecticut. He did not train as much as anyone else, believing that he was naturally talented and would not need to improve his body at all. Despite this, he was kept in the school, thanks to his father's bank account.

After graduation, X2X managed to gain entry to small promotions, hungry for money to get their company off the ground. X2X wrestled, and while over time his loud mouth got him into trouble, he was given contracts. His wrestling ability had improved, mainly because he was often put in the ring with people who he had legitimately angered. He had improved so much so, that with his ability to anger even the meekest of individuals and newfound wrestling finesse, X2X has become a draw.

Now he has made his arrival in BWB. X2X has ran the circuit on expensive boots and is ready to show why he is better than anyone on the roster.

Or at least, say that he is.
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An X2Xample of X2X's Gimmick.
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