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 madden Bio and Gimmick

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PostSubject: madden Bio and Gimmick   madden Bio and Gimmick EmptySat Jun 27, 2009 8:51 am

Wrestler Name : madden

Alignment : HEEL, Tweener

Feuds / Enemies : Cykill, Hells Angels

Friends. : xXArchangelXx, Obelix

Attitude/Personality : Mean and Nasty

Nickname/s : Rhyno

Born: At a biker rally in Sturges, South Dakota

Age: 7/17/69

Attire : Trunks and Gang Vest

Entrance Theme : Between the Hammer and the Anvil by Judas Priest

Finishers / TM's / Taunts : The Compactor , Powerboom, /taunts madden madden roar/finishers madden death blow modified samoan drop and modified double axe handle

Favoured Wrestling Weapon : Specially made Bullwhip with Brass Knuckle Handle

Born at a rally in Sturges during a gang riot, madden was raised to fight from an early age to survive. His father was a brutal biker who always beat madden to teach him to survive. At the age of 6, maddens mother left her old man and headed for California, taking madden with her. She hooked up with another biker from the Mongol Motorcycle Club. madden grew up knowing only violence and hate for anybody not in the club. At the age of 17, he received his colors as a full member of the Mongol Nation.

As the years passed, madden became an enforcer for the Gang and took on every nasty job that came his way. Beating and slashing his way to Purgatory. When the gang started making deals with the Mob, madden was recruited by them also, since his tactics were so vicious and heinous that he got every job done with little concern for himself.

madden went and saw his mother who was sick in the hospital and when she saw him, she told him that Blood was not his father. His father was from a rival gang called the Jackals, in South Dakota. Confused, madden wondered who his real father was.

One day, madden was given his orders from Tough Tommy and his gang leader Blood to go to New York and work as an enforcer there for the Mob. With Bullwhip in hand, madden set out for NY. But deep in his mind, he still wondered who his real father was. He vowed one day to find out.
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madden Bio and Gimmick
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