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 Allie with The Angel

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Allie with The Angel Empty
PostSubject: Allie with The Angel   Allie with The Angel EmptyWed Aug 12, 2009 1:40 am

The camera pans across the street outside the arena, it almost does a 360 before it stops and zooms in on The Angel walking towards the arena. He steps through the entrance where he is greeted by Allie.

Allie: Angel great result at the ppv, tonight the General Manager has placed you in a match with a newcomer to the roster in the shape of Baron, can I get your thoughts please?

Angel: My result at Apocalyptic Ascension was great even if somewhat expected, after all El Pirinola is a nothing compared to me.

The Angel stops to take a swig at a bottle of water.

Angel: As for tonight, if the general manager wants me to face the newcomer then thats who i'm gonna face, if he wants to put this guys head on a plate for the most feared man in the federation then so be it, do you think after I've done with him tonight he will want to come back?

Allie: Err, I have no idea, that depends on the result..

The Angel grabs the microphone out of Allie's hand forcing her to take evasive action in the process. The Angel gives a disturbing smile.

Angel: Allie, there is only one winner tonight...ME!

The Angel throws the mic in the direction of Allie who justs manages to avoid it, the camera pans back to the outside and fades.
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Allie with The Angel
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