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 Backstage with Allie

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Backstage with Allie Empty
PostSubject: Backstage with Allie   Backstage with Allie EmptyTue Sep 22, 2009 5:51 pm

The Camera turns to the backstage area where Allie is standing with microphone in hand.

Allie: Ladies and Gentlemen I am joined by...The Angel.

The crowd begin a chorus of boos as the angel stares into the camera lens.

Allie: Angel, at night of riots you took on Annachie in a match that had been built up over the past few weeks by both of you beating each other, now officially Annachie won the match...

The Angel cuts Allie off.

Angel: Officially Annachie won the match? Annachie only won the match by cheating Allie, the whole world saw my foot on the bottom rope, do you think I should have settled for that? Well I couldn’t, it wouldn’t have been in my nature to allow that, so Annachie had to face the most brutal beating he has ever faced in his life. Maybe the record books will show a victory for him but the truth is no one will remember that, they will remember the way I gave him the angel fall through the announce table.

Allie: What’s next for you two then? I assume you’re planning on some form of rematch?

Angel: Why would I need to do that? He has already felt the wrath of the Angel, there is no way he wants to get in the ring with me again after that. In fact, I doubt he will ever be able to wrestler with the same confidence again.

Allie: Tonight Angel you take on the BWB Heavyweight Champion, Sommerlund. What are your thoughts on that match?

Angel: I think that if Sommerlund is stupid enough to put himself in a match with me, after seeing what I did at night of riots, he is going to be a walk in the park. He clearly hasn’t thought this match through has he? Why would anyone want to face me now? Watch me tonight Allie...I’m gonna do the same to Sommerlund as I did to Annachie...annihilate him!

The Angel walks away leaving Allie stood in front of the camera before it fades to black.
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Backstage with Allie
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