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 Interview on Dorm's upcoming match against Zambo.

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Interview on Dorm's upcoming match against Zambo. Empty
PostSubject: Interview on Dorm's upcoming match against Zambo.   Interview on Dorm's upcoming match against Zambo. EmptyThu Jul 16, 2009 10:36 pm

Dorm-Mi-Nance is making his way into the gym when Ashley Green rushes into him.

Here you go,Dorm-Mi-Nance..So Dorm,You're the number one contender right?It is said that it maybe your last match against Zambo if you lost the match and has to admit that you can't win him..hmm..Can you give us a thought or two on what is going on..

Hmmm..Firstly,Its true..This may be our last match IF I lost..But If I win,The rival between me is going to be uncertain..And look at him..He is such an idiot..So what if he finish the kangaroo?I bet he finished of a handicap Kangaroo with a missing limps..I totally have every advantage to win him in the last match..Is just that i made i wrong move and every thing changes..And also, I got a bad day last week..but tonight,He is going down man!!He is going to be retarded his whole life after the upcoming match which is against me..

Okay..Isn't it harsh to call him an idiot?

Maybe..but not for me..To me,the is no such thing as harsh..Having to lose an idiot is such an embarassing moment..I can't belive I lose to him..There is no way i could lose that match!!Such odds..hmmm..

Dorm pushes Ashley green aside as he continue to make his way into the ring..
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Interview on Dorm's upcoming match against Zambo.
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