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 The Arrival of Dixie Lee (Promo)

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The Arrival of Dixie Lee (Promo) Empty
PostSubject: The Arrival of Dixie Lee (Promo)   The Arrival of Dixie Lee (Promo) EmptyThu Jul 16, 2009 8:56 pm

"Dixieland" suddenly blasts over the loudspeakers.

A dark haired woman wearing a Black Wrestling Costume with black leather stiletto high heeled boots starts making her away down the ramp waving the Confederate flag.

She steps into the ring, places the flag on one of the turnbuckles, grabs a mic from one of staff at the side of the ring, and starts to speak.

Dixie : Howdy ya'll, My name is Dixie Lee, as you can tell I come from South Carolina, and i'm proud of flying the flag (Pointing at the flag).


Dixie : You lot, shut the hell up and listen while i'm talking.

Dixie : I'm here to educate you northern heathens


Dixie : I'm here as an representative of the south and you heathens boo me.

A voice from somewhere: Hold on ...Hold on... HOOOOOOOLD ON

-- The cam switches to the ringside. At the apron stands a Staffcrewmember holding a mic. beside him you can see Chayne Saw which seems he just stand up from his chair in the front row to take the Staffs arm and talk into the mic--

Chayne: First of all little Miss sunshine I would like to welcome you...Welcome to the playground of the real tough guys and girls

--The crowd is cheering

Chayne: Second of all honey...why you don´t go backstage...grap yourself a seat...take the way to the kitchen...get me a cold beer and come over here sweetheart

--The crowd is laughing--

Dixie Lee: Who the hell you think you are...Calling me honey...thinking I would go backstage and get you a beer..or even dream of having me sitting by your side...You are joking don´t you?

--Chayne is smilling bright--

Chayne:: Then I gotta ask myself who started the comedy show today...Do you really think someone is scared about a southstates chick like you?...Do you really think this is the right buisness for you?..And do you really think I´m interested to meet you just by my side...Sweetheart let me say it like this...If someone welds you onto my abdomen I would cry as long as I rust myself free

--The crowd is exploding while Dixies modd seems to change know--

Chayne:: And now go back to your daddys cottonfarm and play with some redneck boys

--Dixie Lee looks really mad and angry now and stars at Chayne but turns around and leaves backstage as she mentiones that the whole crowd is going crazy--

Last edited by Dixie lee on Thu Jul 16, 2009 10:34 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Chayne's addition)
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The Arrival of Dixie Lee (Promo)
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