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 Demonic Icon Gimick

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PostSubject: Demonic Icon Gimick   Demonic Icon Gimick EmptyTue Jul 07, 2009 6:04 pm

Real Name: Unknowen
Ring Name: Demonic Icon
Hieght: 6 feet 2 inchs tall
Wieght: 267 Pounds
Ring Gear Black Sleeve less shirt with a skull on it black pants and black boots
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The man who became the Punisher had intended to be a priest when he grew up. However, Frank Castiglione began to question his vocation when he realized that he had a problem granting forgiveness to people who broke commandments. Shortly after he dropped out of the seminary, Frank met Mario Falconio. They fell in love and were married. Since the priesthood was no longer an option, Frank enlisted in the Marines. He served numerous tours in war zones, and shortened his name to Castle. Frank underwent SEAL (sea, air, and land) and UDT (underwater demolition team) training. He rose to the rank of captain, nicknamed the Punisher because he was so relentless against the enemy. Then a tragic family outing changed his life forever . .

While on leave in New York, Frank Castle took his wife and two children to Central Park for a picnic. They accidentally stumbled upon a gangland killing. The mobsters feared being identified and immediately opened fire on the Castles. Frank somehow managed to survive, but his wife and children did not. Traumatized by the incident, Frank Castle vowed to punish the mobsters. He deserted the Marines and outfitted himself for a one-man war on crime.

The brutal murder of his family made Frank decide to put his military training to good use. He concentrated on punishing criminals who were beyond the reach of the law. Frank eventually learned the identity of the gang to murdered his family. He hunted them down and eliminated all--before dedicating his life to punishing the entire criminal underworld. Though he uses lethal force against the guilty, the Punisher protects innocent people from harm and he never battles the police.

Before he deserted the Marines to pursue his war on crime, Frank Castle was awarded both the Bronze and Silver Star, and he received four Purple Hearts. He was also scheduled to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom, but his family was murdered days before the ceremony.

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Demonic Icon Gimick
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