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 Better things to do *Part#2

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Better things to do *Part#2 Empty
PostSubject: Better things to do *Part#2   Better things to do *Part#2 EmptyFri Oct 23, 2009 7:41 am

The Camera shows Voltzandre , X2X, Sirius and Twisted Ninja entering to the locker room and the cameraman follow them without getting noticed

X2X: What about if we knock the referee ?

Sirius: Thats a bad idea

Voltzandre: Remember there are 5 of us now

Twisted Angel:Yeah but isnt he a DK too ?

X2X: Yeah, but Voltzandre trust him

Twisted Angel laugh and then he talk again

Twisted Angel: Then Lets wait till the match ends and we...

Voltzandre looks at the cameraman and scream to him

Voltzandre: Get the Heck out of here !!!

Sirius takes the cameraman and throw him out of the Locker room

Is this Rp ok ?
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Better things to do *Part#2
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