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 -- the experiance part I --

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-- the experiance part I -- Empty
PostSubject: -- the experiance part I --   -- the experiance part I -- EmptySat Jun 27, 2009 9:22 pm

" from a rookie he shall become a legend... "

    -- MitzuEmo heads upto the entrance ramp --

    [The song called "Jealousy" by the band Brokencyde played all around the arena,
    and MitzuEmo appered upon the ramp. MitzuEmo made hes way down tagging the crowds hands,
    he then rolled into the ring and taken a microphone from the announcer.
    MitzuEmo then began to speak.]

    -- MitzuEmo says: --
    " Tonight, is a night where i become more than just a nobody everyone,
    seems to think i am. Im no rookie... im not a un-experiance wrestler. I am,
    a former Level One, Two, Three, Four and Five champion. Also i have held the,
    Level Three tag team champion with my former partner Element X. So, before i,
    take my first match here, my first step to fame and fortune i would like the chance,
    to say thank you... this is my first contract and it was Sommerlund who gave it me,
    and i... "
    [MitzuEmo then gets interputed]

    -- to be continued by: anyone
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-- the experiance part I --
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