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 Start of rivalry (part 1)

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Start of rivalry (part 1) Empty
PostSubject: Start of rivalry (part 1)   Start of rivalry (part 1) EmptyFri Oct 16, 2009 5:23 pm

MJ walks to his locker room. Jinters... Jinters. He stops and turn around. Its Allie running after him with a cameraman.

Allie: Mr Jinters, I want to ask you a question or two about last night. Between you and Antary.

MJ: I tell you. He is a cheater. Yeah I said it, a cheater. No a loser. He wants everyone to believe that his a champion.

Allie: How can you say that. He is the champion.

MJ: Yeah! He is a Champ. Your Champ no mine.

Allie: Why are you angry at him.

MJ: You know what Allie. Since I joined this Fed, I never had a Title shot. But that will end.

Allie: What do you mean.

As MJ wanted to answer.

MJ: What the...

Someone attacked him. He falls to the floor...

*Antary complete*
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Start of rivalry (part 1) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Start of rivalry (part 1)   Start of rivalry (part 1) EmptyFri Oct 16, 2009 5:58 pm

Antary puts his title belt back on the shoulder, he used it to hit Jinters, again.
Antary: I don`t like people that talk something bad about me with out informing me. If you wanted to say something, why not say that to me? HUH?
Antary wanted to do something else, but he decides not to. Yet.
Antary: Who said that you`re getting a title shot? WHO? God, you`re getting pretty annoying.
King of The Backyard puts his belt at Mr. Jinters neck and runs backward, holding it, with Jinters running, too. He then slams Jinters on a table by using the belt and leaves. Antary takes the belt with him, of course.
Antary: Piss off.
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Start of rivalry (part 1)
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