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 To pick the winning side (attn - Ace or Infinity)

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Doryan Gray

Doryan Gray

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To pick the winning side (attn - Ace or Infinity) Empty
PostSubject: To pick the winning side (attn - Ace or Infinity)   To pick the winning side (attn - Ace or Infinity) EmptyMon Oct 05, 2009 8:54 pm

Camera fades in from black and we can see Doryan Gray taking a stroll down the BWB backstage corridor. The camera follows him as he he is looking for somethng or someone, it would seem. Finally he comes to a door, and we recognize this as the Demonic Knights' locker room. Gray stops, fixes his tie, straightens his hair and knocks on the door with the top of his cane. Without waiting for a reply he opens the door and enters. In the locker room we see the new acquisition of the DK, Infinity, and Gray starts his monologue with his posh (possibly fake) accent.

Doryan Gray: Good day to you, Sir. My visage may be unbeknownst to many, but I am sure thou recognizes me... To make the pleasantries official - I am Doryan Gray, yes that's right, The Royalty of BWB, and my good man I have an offer to present thee, my good Infinity.

Infinity just looks baffled by grays words, but intrigued.

Doryan Gray: As we are both infants of sorts in the game that is played on the grand stage of wrestling world, and especially this here company, I propose an alliance, a team so that we may compete for the gold that is meant to be worn by the Tag Team Champions!

Infinity raises his eyebrow, and looks intrigued.

Doryan Gray: I believe we shall be compatible both inside the squared circle, and out. Also, I offer my full services to the band of valiant men you are a part of - The Demonic Knights. I also believe I would be a worthy addition to the group. So if we have an agreement in the first part of the offer, maybe we can speak to you leader, recruiter or whoever, and prove our worth on the proverbial battlefield. What do you say my good man?

Gray presents his hand as if he's waiting for a handshake and gives a large grin.

oorp - ace you can finish this however you want, give conditions or delay if you need to, but i'd like to start off right away...
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To pick the winning side (attn - Ace or Infinity)
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