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 interveiw with young gun ( first show

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interveiw with young gun ( first show Empty
PostSubject: interveiw with young gun ( first show   interveiw with young gun ( first show EmptyFri Sep 11, 2009 5:37 pm

Allie walks around looking for young gun when suddenly young gun and a mystirous perosn arive in a helicopterout side as Allie runs to the helicopter

Allie: hey young gun why are you late and who is the mystirious person your with is he your manager or what

young gun replies with a big grin

young gun: hahaha so many questions so little time so ill answeryour 2 questions then be off i am late because i had to pick up my friend here and the 2nd one he is my tag team partner but no one will know who it is till the i wont you to know ok?

Allie:ok fine

???: yeah and lets just say i am some one you know then hey it wont be a suprise then hahahaha

young gun: and i am still with the demonic knights its just they can,t all ways be around they need there time so i got my friend here now enough question

young gun walks off with a big grin as the cameras fade out
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interveiw with young gun ( first show
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