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 Young gun's aftermath

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Young gun's aftermath Empty
PostSubject: Young gun's aftermath   Young gun's aftermath EmptySun Aug 23, 2009 2:38 pm

young guns walks down the hall and into his locker room suddenly Andrew hawk comes out of nowhere and starts attacking young gun and grabs a chair and smashs it over young guns head and opens the chair up puts young guns head in side the chair and slams the chair onto the wall

felix devine: WHAT THE HELL! young gun is mosion less and andrew hawk is smiling at his work

darren johnson: well young gun deserves it he shouldn,t of acepted the match in the first place

felix devine: just shut up don,t forget young gun has to vs amdrew hawk in a match later

darren johnson: well as i said he shouldn,t of acepted the match

paramedics come and put young gun on a streacher to take him to the hospitle

just before my match with andrew hawk

andrew hawk: see i told you he would not sow up after the beating i gave him i think i ended his poor career hahaha

felix : he is dipicable no pespcet for any one
darren: yes he does him self

but suddenly you hear rock n roll train and the lights go out the fans have mixed reactions then pyros shoot from the stage and young gun is standing right at the to of the stage as the light go on

young gun: shut up fans shut up

the fans boo at the top of there lungs

young gun: i said SHUt UP! ok thank you andrew you thought you could take me out well i am here and ready to fight

young gun runs down the ring slides in the ring as the bell rings DING!
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Young gun's aftermath
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