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 pre match rematch rp

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PostSubject: pre match rematch rp   pre match rematch rp EmptyMon Aug 17, 2009 11:00 pm

BananaJoe makes his way towards the ring.

He enters the ring, stops, turns on his heel and slides out beneath the bottom rope.

He then graps a microphone from the announce table and heads back in the ring.

Standing in the center of the ring BananaJoe attmepts to address the crowd, however his microphone doesn't seem to be turned on and noone in attendance can hear what he has to say.

Rather frustrated he faces the camera crew and yells at them to get this microphone fixed.

A red-headed intern runs down the entrance ramp with a microphone, hands it to BananaJoe and quickly vanishes from the screen.

A now more than just disgruntled BananaJoe finally is able to talk to the crowd.

BananaJoe sighs and glares at the exit where the intern went through.

BananaJoe: I'll just try and pretend that never happened.

Last week i issued an open challenge and to my delight someone actually stepped up and faced me.

However ... since i had no idea who would step up, i had no way of properly preparing for my opponent.

This isn't an excuse. He was the luckier man at that day.

Today things will be quite different.

Today i know who i face.

Today i am prepared.

Today i'll make him pay.

Today ... i'll win.

And since
GM Sommerlund has already heard and approved my suggestion.

I want a rematch with
Deadpool Striker and this rematch will start ... now!

BananaJoe tosses the microphone towards the ring crew and gets in his corner awaiting the arrival of Deadpool Striker.
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pre match rematch rp
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