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 Cykill Interview New Season

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Cykill Interview New Season Empty
PostSubject: Cykill Interview New Season   Cykill Interview New Season EmptySat Aug 01, 2009 10:33 pm

Allie makes her way down the hallway to catch up with Cykill who has just entered the arena. She stands to the side as Cykill rolls into the parking garage with his custom motorcycle. The Intercontinental Title sitting on the handlebars for all to see. Cykill knocks down the kickstand and gets off the bike and grabs the title and throws it over his shoulder. Allie walks over to Cykill.
Allie: "Cykill. How does it feel being the first ever Intercontinental Champion of the BWB?"
Cykill: "Well, hello to you too little darlin'. To be honest, it feels great for a lot of reasons. First I was able to beat that puke madden in a steel cage and give him what he so richly deserved, a beating beyond all beatings. Second, on that night I was awarded something that madden can't ever have or ever will try getting, The first ever of anything. As for how I'm feeling, I feel like a million bucks."
Allie: "I know you have had some devastating battles with madden in the last season. What do you plan to do with the title now that you have it?"
Cykill takes a moment to look at the title on his shoulder before answering. Then, slapping it with his hand he begins to say.
Cykill: "Like I said last season before my fight with that loud mouth pompous ass madden, that I intend to defend this title to all comers. Sommerlund brought me into this federation with high hopes and at this point, he knows he wasn't disappointed. Where I came from, I was an enforcer for the gang and I took that position seriously. I intend to hold to that here too. This title is just a stepping stone for me. It gives me the option of stepping where I dare and not a living soul is going to stop me. I'm ready to see what the Bossman has to offer me in the line of competition. As for madden, he can just sit back and watch the first ever BWB Intercontinental Champion and know that he will never have that prestious honor in this fed."
Allie: "I see that you had your motorcycle designed with a picture of the title belt on your gas tank. Is there any significance for that?
Cykill walks over to his bike and shows Allie the new paint job of the title as the camera focuses on the gas tank and shows the intricate artwork that went into that picture.
Cykill: "In my first interview you asked me about my bike and in a way, I'm flattered that you even remember that little tidbit, but yeah, I had the title painted on the tank to remind me of the night I got my revenge on that punk madden and to remind me of what I have to do to defend that title in every fight."
Allie: "Congratulations on winning the title and good luck in defending it to all the competitors here in the BWB and the Frontier."
camera fades to the announcers
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Cykill Interview New Season
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