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 Ace Vs. MitzuEmo feud

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Ace Vs. MitzuEmo feud Empty
PostSubject: Ace Vs. MitzuEmo feud   Ace Vs. MitzuEmo feud EmptyTue Jul 14, 2009 7:51 am

I started a feud between me and MitzuEmo. Here's the basic, full storyline


  • Ace arrives at BWB saying he has a "target" to take out to help him rise in the ranks

  • Mitzu orders a masseuse to give him a massage.

  • Masseuse does the job, gets tip, and leaves him an ace of spades (card) and he throws it away

  • MitzuEmo debuts at BWB and is interupted by the masseuse.

  • Masseuse gives him the card, and after Mitzu's refusing, reveals to be Ace Skywalker

  • Ace talks about why he's here and that he will take Mitzu out

  • They go back and forth and Mitzu makes fun of Ace til Ace slaps him and attacks him

  • Ace prepares to leave, but Mitzu quickly catches up and hits Ace with his finisher.

  • Mitzu leaves with the crowd cheering for him and Ace unconcious on the ramp

The Rest:

  • The feud goes back and forth with matches etc., leading up to a specialty match, maybe submission, to end the feud.

Other Ideas to throw in:

  • Maybe introduce a title here

  • Maybe near the end, a tournament is made to see who is (Title Name) Champ

  • We meet up in the tournament and yada yada, think of that later

  • Add someone to make it a three way?

  • Maybe I get back up and Mitzu evens it with a partner of his own?

I already Rp'ed the beginning part, check it out.
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Ace Vs. MitzuEmo feud
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