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 Bloodlust is Coming 7/18

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Bloodlust is Coming  7/18 Empty
PostSubject: Bloodlust is Coming 7/18   Bloodlust is Coming  7/18 EmptyMon Jul 13, 2009 9:56 pm

After his match against Joe Cool, Cykill is standing with his arm raised as madden jumps over the ring barricades and slides into the ring with his patented Bullwhip and Brass Knuckles and nails Cykill behind the head with the Knuckles. Cykill is knocked silly and Joe Cool grabs Cykills arms and directs him to the corner and then grabs his wrist and spins him around so that Cykill is facing the corner cushion and then Joe Cool gets out of the ring and grabs both of Cykill's arms and cranks them over the top turnbuckle. Madden walks up behind Cykill and rips his Biker Colors off his back exposing his bare back. Madden takes a few steps back and begins to howl as he let's the whip SNAP on Cykill's back, leaving a crimson streak down his spine. Over and over madden snaps that whip on Cykill's back that after a half dozen shots, Cykill is left bloody and beaten in the ring. Madden slides out of the ring as Joe Cool holds Cykill immobile and grabs a microphone from the announcers desk and gets back in the ring.

madden: "So, you think your hot stuff, HUH Cykill? From where I stand, your nothing but a bloody rag ready for disposal."

Madden throws down the mic and then wraps the bullwhip around Cykill's neck and orders Joe Cool to let him go. Joe cool jumps down off the apron and stands in the rampway as madden swings Cykill's body over the top rope and hangs him with the whip.

The crowd is screaming at madden to let him go.

Security comes running down the ramp towards the ring to help, but Joe Cool is bashing everyone who gets close to the ring. More security comes running out of the curtains and Madden yells at Joe Cool to beat it. Madden let's Cykill's Bloody body fall with a thud to the mats and takes off out of the backside of the ring and over the barricades as Joe CXool makes his way out over the barricades in another direction.
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Bloodlust is Coming 7/18
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