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 "The Cute Brute" Jess Bless gimmick

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"The Cute Brute" Jess Bless gimmick Empty
PostSubject: "The Cute Brute" Jess Bless gimmick   "The Cute Brute" Jess Bless gimmick EmptyTue Jun 30, 2009 10:42 am

face =P

what to accomplish: Savagery woman out to defeat all.....

Motto:"Tap....and all your dreams will come true"

favorite moves:

"Cute But Brute"-"The Cute Brute" Jess Bless Picks the opponent up placing the opponent on her back so she is grabbing opponent legs and their head is towards the ground
then slams him head first to the ground keeping a grip on opponent legs and turns it into a camel clutch executing a devastating "Cute But Brute"

taunts :

Cant Think-"The Cute Brute" Jess Bless Sits Down And Starts To Think Of A Taunt To Do executing The Cant Think

introduction :

first plays

The arena turns dark as the crows starts to clap knowing whats going to happen, then echoes of "Jess is here" starts to happen as the crowd chants it. About 10 seconds after the chanting you see a woman coming down the ramp wearing a purple and black boxing robe, she jumps over the ring and all 3 ropes into the ring, then gets on the rope and flings her robe into the crowd showing her wearing black wrestling attire with "TCB JB" on each side.

Announcer:Introducing first, weighing in at 93 pounds standing at 5"11 an amazing force to be shown ladies and gentlemen "The Cute Brute" Jess Bless!!!!!!!
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"The Cute Brute" Jess Bless gimmick
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