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 Date Your RP's

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Date Your RP's Empty
PostSubject: Date Your RP's   Date Your RP's EmptyFri Nov 13, 2009 10:35 pm

Ok guys, we have the first three cards for the season up in the match card thread. But as I'm going thru all these RP's, not a one has a date for which show and if your RP does not get put it, that will be on you, not us VGM's. We know you all want to be heard, but try dating the rp's so we know where they can be placed. Not everyone is a superstar that you can carry a show by yourself. Try making an effort to date the rp's and if possible, limit the garbage being said in the rp section. What I mean by garbage is all this commenting on nothing in the rp threads. When we have to go thru 4 pages of garbage to find the relevant rp for the show, your just hurting yourselves, so don't blame the VGM's for this.

The only interactions in the rp threads should be if your opponant is trying to work with you and your rp.
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Date Your RP's
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