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 Big Daddy is in the house!!!

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Big Daddy Deuce

Big Daddy Deuce

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Big Daddy is in the house!!! Empty
PostSubject: Big Daddy is in the house!!!   Big Daddy is in the house!!! EmptySat Nov 07, 2009 1:42 am

Ring Nick: Big Daddy Deuce
Name: Wayne Campbell, Jr.
Height / Weight: 6' 7", 321 (But please announce me at 298 or Aunt P might worry about my recent eatin' habits)
Other nicks: Big D, Daddy D
Associated characters: Aunt Petunia
Face but lately...he's not a happy camper!

Yo, yo, yo...straight from the mean streets livin' in, that's not right, either. Okay, I'll admit it. I'm just Wayne Campbell, Jr, straight from the 'mean streets' of beautiful, downtown Collierville, Tennessee, population: several dozen ... SAAAA-LUTE! (Any Hee-Haw fans in the house? No? Tsk, tsk) in the suburbs of Memphis in the good, ole' U.S. of A!

Far back as I can remember, I've lived with my Aunt Petunia, seeing as how my folks died in a car crash when I was a wee little thing of 2. And when I say 'wee little thing', I mean it. Through all of elementary, middle, and high school, I was always the runt of the litter. Aunt Petunia bit, um, unique. She has tons of friends who visit, only ever at night, and that ain't Rook they're playing out around that bonfire. She says I'm not quite ready to join 'em but that one day I will seeing as how I got the 'hearing' and all. The hearing? Oh, that...nothing much...just that I get advice from my parents all the time. Auntie P tells me that this is rare for boys from our bloodline, seein' as how momma had been cut down so young that she didn't have a girl to leave her gift to.

Anywho, I been watching wrestling from the time I could sit-up in her lap. Man, those boys would throw own..."Superstar" Bill Dundee, Jimmy Valiant, Austin Idol all after Jerry "The King" Lawler's Southern Title...those were the days. But, I knew I'd never measure up cause of my size...or lack thereof. But, one night, about 3 weeks ago, Auntie P tells me to get to bed extra-early. Her friends were arriving soon, and I wasn't supposed to come out of my room or even peak out the was time. Well, I pull up the covers real tight, tried to sleep but gave that up when the storm whipped up around the gathering in our backyard around the biggest bonfire...

Yeah, I peeked! Aunt Petunia pointed at me looking out the window, and I could barely hear her tell me 'nighty, night'. I don't recall anything after that. I awoke on the floor next to the window as you see me now...big, strong, tough...and when I went downstairs to tell Auntie P, she just smiled, handed me a backpack with these here tights, boots, and a big ole lunch, she tells me I'm ready to join my heroes in the greatest sport known to man, professional wrestling! She pointed me here, to the offices of BWB.

<you hear what sounds like a radio dial being turned between stations. The ... below represent the static between channels>

On the 'tron, nothing but static snow...white lights in the auditorium flicker and stay up when songs play clearly...

"Just a good ole boy (Waylon Jennings)...
Ladies and gentlemen, have you heard (LA Dream Team)...
This is the big (Big Bopper)...
Mack Daddy (Sir Mix-a-Lot)...
Larger than life (Backstreet boys)...
Living in America, got to have a celebration, I feel good! (James Brown)"

He's heeeeeere......Big Daddy Deuce, come to save you from all those boring "bow, yield, kneel" wrestlers who've come to cause havoc, raise a ruckus, dogs & cats living together...real end of the world stuff. When the Germans were bombing Pearl Harbor, we didn't quit! And neither will I.

Whoomp There It Is - Big Daddy Deuce whips the opponent to the far ropes and plants him with a big boot rolls him face down and bends his arms behind him raising a finger to check for wind currents smiles for the ladies then jumps where he lands planting his full weight squarely between the opponent taut shoulder blades.

Crazy Train - Big Daddy Deuce whips the opponent to the far ropes winks to the marks and takes off after him grabs the nape of his neck from behind on the run jumps up to place a boot to the back of the opponent head forcing him down to the mat face-first with Big D's full weight.
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Big Daddy is in the house!!!
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