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 About the factions

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PostSubject: About the factions   About the factions EmptyWed Oct 21, 2009 10:21 pm

Good day Allie. How are you today.

Alle: Fine, thank you. Mr Jinter there are rumours about a takeover. What do you think about it?

MJ: Rumours... rumours...ha ha ha. dont make laugh.

Allie: What do you mean?

MJ: Allie I told you so. Didnt I told a few months back that this is going to happen. didnt I

Looking at Allie for a answer.

Allie: Yes... Yes you did.

MJ: I told you it going to be between The DK and Sommer.

Allie: But Mr Jinter they are not the only faction.

MJ: Ah yes. The others. Let me see, theres the AA and...

Mr Jinter is stopped by Allie

Allie: No Mr Jinter the AATO.

MJ: Thats what I said. where was I. Ah yes The Red Bear and

Mr Jinter again Stopped by Allie

Allie: No the Red Lanters

MJ: Allie stop it. And the Faction...Loss I mean Less

Allie: Why does this have to happen.

MJ: Allie my dear. That you have to ask Sommer and The DK. Allie I have to go.

Mr Jinter walks away to his locker room.
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About the factions
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