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 Bloodlust Reigns 10/24

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Bloodlust Reigns  10/24 Empty
PostSubject: Bloodlust Reigns 10/24   Bloodlust Reigns  10/24 EmptyWed Oct 21, 2009 9:23 pm

After the judges decision against Cykill andmadden, Cykill get up into the referee's face about the decision. madden who isn't taking the decision to well, grabs into his vest and unfurls his patented whip, BLOODLUST. The Tag-Team Champions see this happening and make a beeline out of the ring as madden flicks his wrist and SNAPS the whip at the referee. The referee doesn't wait for a second flick and hightail's it out of the arena at full speed.
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Bloodlust Reigns 10/24
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