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 Beastardo Vs Pig X - The Snub

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Beastardo Vs Pig X - The Snub Empty
PostSubject: Beastardo Vs Pig X - The Snub   Beastardo Vs Pig X - The Snub EmptyTue Oct 20, 2009 12:21 am

A clip airs showing the Tag Team match from the previous evening showing Don Beastardo and Pig X winning by decision.

After the match Pig X is shown celebrating and jubilant whereas Don Beastardo merely scowls at him.

Pig X: Hard fought match but we won! Put here there partner!

Pig X extends his hand to shake but Beastardo looks at the hand and then to his partner and just smirks.

Don Beastardo: Yeah we won... we won because Ze Beastardo had to carry you ze whole match!

Pig X high spirits fall and he frowns.

Pig X: You carried me? Are you crazy?! Did you bump your head too many times?? You spent most of that match on your back you oversized ape!!

Don Beastardo growls menacingly and stalks off.


(Note - I know that I didn't get Pig X's permission to post this but as it leaves him still looking strong and he defends himself from my ridiculous accusation I figured it'd be alright)
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Beastardo Vs Pig X - The Snub
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