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 Schizio for 10/20/09

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PostSubject: Schizio for 10/20/09   Schizio for 10/20/09 EmptyMon Oct 19, 2009 1:10 am

Schizio is strolling backstage as Allie approaches him…

Allie: Hi Schizio. After a great showing, you have gone down twice in a row, including a submission, what are your reactions?

Schizio looking surprised and a bit irritated…

Schizio: What do you want to hear?

Schizio raising his voice to Allie

Schizio: Is that all you wanna ask the savage one? If you are asking about the matches, those losses are all flukes. They got
lucky that’s it. They can celebrate all day long with that. But they can never take away the greatness from the savage one.

Allie looks puzzled at Schizio’s comments…

Schizio: You know what babydoll?

Allie answers with hesitation…

Allie: What?

Schizio: You know what, day in, day out, no one can take the fight away from me, the savage one. As long as I am here, there will be bloodshed. There will be pain.

Allie looks stunned as she still holds the microphone…

Schizio: No worries, I’m no incredible hulk. But I do get them beat up when they face me the without the respect I deserve. To Pie and Chris, I’m going to get even. But that can wait. There are just more important things to do.

Allie: And what would that be?

Schizio shrugs it off and grabs the microphone from Allie. He comes nearer the cameraman and speaks up…

Schizio: This is only the beginning. The trail of terror has gone long. It’s time to take things to the next level. I am the savage one. Prepare and beware the Savage Experience.

Schizio drops the microphone to Allie and walks off…

Felix Devine: What the hell he was talking about?

Darren Johnson: Who cares? Lets concentrate on the show, not on some lunatic, shall we?
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Schizio for 10/20/09
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