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 Brutal Arrival 10/17

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Brutal Arrival  10/17 Empty
PostSubject: Brutal Arrival 10/17   Brutal Arrival  10/17 EmptyFri Oct 16, 2009 6:46 pm

Allie is in the garage area with her cameraman co-ordinating with the mobile unit when the sound of roaring engines can be heard. The cameraman lifts his camera as an army of motorcycles enter the parking garage. The motorcycles make there way into formation and begin lining up along the back wall. Cykill and madden sit on their bikes while the rest of the gang makes there way towards the doors to stop any problems from arising. Allie and the cameraman walk over towards Cykill and madden as the Bikers line up on opposite sides of the doors like a gauntlet.
Allie: "Cykill and madden, can I get a few words with you before tonights show?"
Cykill: "Sure Darlin', what do you need?"
Allie: "Well, to start with, since you and madden have become a team, do you still think that you need an army of security to protect you both since it was Sommerlunds orders to protect you from each other?"
Cykill and madden look at each other and start laughing wildly before they begin to speak.
madden: "To be honest. I bring them along because I don't trust this guy any more than he trusts me."
With that said, Cykill and madden begin laughing loudly again and as it was something of a joke, Allie begins laughing with them.
Allie: "Ok, That was a good one. What I'm really trying to get at is that since you really don't need the QUOTE, security. Are all these guys needed in the back while."
Before Allie could finish her statement, the doors to the garage area open and before the two guys could step thru the doors, the first two Bikers opposite the doors put there hands in the faces of the two guys and push them back thru the doors that they were coming out of.
Allie: "That's what I'm talking about. There was no need for that."
The two guys come rushing back thru the doors and this time the Bikers aren't happy. They grab the guys and throw them back down the line of Bikers and in turn, each Biker takes a punch at the guys as they are pushed further down the line to the next Biker.
Allie: "This is totally unacceptable. Those guys didn't do anything to deserve."
Cykill: "Ok, ok, you have a point. Hey guys, leave them alone."
madden: "Don't complain bro, there just doing their job. For all we know, they were sent out here to try and beat us down."
madden and Cykill begin laughing again as they move over towards the two guys and step over there limp bodies and begin making there way into the backstage area.
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Brutal Arrival 10/17
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