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 For Saturday - 10/17

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PostSubject: For Saturday - 10/17   For Saturday - 10/17 EmptyThu Oct 15, 2009 9:35 pm

For use on Saturday's show...sometime before my match with Schizio
"Breakout" by the Foo Fighters blasts throughout the arena as a man of medium build strides down to the ring, microphone in hand. Over a white T-shirt, he wears a gray zip-up hoodie with the letters "F" and "C" intertwined on the back, baggy navy blue pants and pure white high-tops. He climbs through the ring ropes and strides to the center of the ring where he drops to a knee, extends both thumbs and points at his chest and mouths the words "" as the fans erupt into a chant of "YOU SUCK!". He stand and briefly scans the crowd before raising the microphone to his lips.
Frank Christopher: Once again, you are in the presence of greatness. Tonight, I'll be facing Schizio in this very ring. I want every single one of you fans to know that what I do, I do for your benefit. You see, the definition of a hero is a person of distinguished courage or ability, admired for brave deeds and noble qualities. I'm not here because I want to be your hero. I'm here because you people have a messed up idea of what a hero is.
Frank Christopher smiles at the fans who continue to boo him mercilessly. He strides over to the corner and sits down on the top turnbuckle in a casual fashion.
Frank Christopher: It doesn't upset me that your concept of a hero is flawed. It is what is sold to you everyday on TV, on the radio, in books, and in the movies. I've already defeated two of your heroes and sent one packing from BWB for good. It's important that you know the truth. I'm doing you a great service by clearing out these "so-called" heroes. I'm doing you a favor. By tearing down these idols of yours, I'm exposing the greater issue here. You have no idea what integrity looks like. You have no idea what true courage looks like. You have no idea what the truth looks like. So you need to be shown. That is why I am here, to show you the truth, to expose the lies you have been fed for so many years.
Frank Christopher hops down off the top turnbuckle, strides to the cente of the ring, and slowly turns to face the cameraman.
Frank Christopher: Schizio, be prepared to face the truth tonight. Be prepared to be exposed, for possibly the first time, for what you really are. Fans, be prepared to watch me take apart yet another of your "heroes". I am Frank Christopher, and!
Frank Christopher drops to one knee and spreads his arms out wide and revels in the chorus of boos and "You suck!" chants that shower the ring. He rolls out of the ring and strides confidently up the ramp to the backstage area..
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For Saturday - 10/17
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