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 Calling out Infiniti [13.10]

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Calling out Infiniti [13.10] Empty
PostSubject: Calling out Infiniti [13.10]   Calling out Infiniti [13.10] EmptyTue Oct 13, 2009 5:00 am

Breaking Benjamin's "Blow me away" hits the arena as BananaJoe enters the entrance area.

[insert titantron here]

He makes his way to the ring, carryinga microphone in his left hand and judgeing by the expression on his face, being in a very fowl mood.
BananaJoe: As you all know, on Saturday i had my tune up match against Dysurh Von Hawkhem. I do admit that it didn't go completely as anticipated however one thing really really took the cake.
Infiniti, newest member of DK, which i believe stands for Donkey Kongs, dared to interfere in my match and cause my loss.
Today i want revenge .... no ... i want justice!
BananaJoe turns towards the locker room.
Infiniti! I want you! One on One! Tonight!
The crowd cheers.
BananaJoe: Come on out! Accept my chal...
A music cuts off BananaJoe in mid sentence.

[insert Hulcky Hogans tron]

Hulcky Hogan has a microphone in one hand and waving wildly with the other as he hurries to the ring.
Hulcky Hogan: Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Wait a minute!
Hulcky Hogan finally arrives at the ring and enters.
Hulcky Hogan: If anyone should be calling out Infiniti, it should be me! I demand a rematch! The outcome of our match on Saturday was an absolute joke!

[demonic knights interupt here maybe mock us and Sommer makes the tag match]


OOC: This is just a quick rp ... hope it can still be added ... remember to not announce this matchup at the beginning of the show cause this should be made spontanously by sommer.
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Calling out Infiniti [13.10]
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