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 Twisted Ninjah is here

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Twisted Ninja

Twisted Ninja

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PostSubject: Twisted Ninjah is here   Twisted Ninjah is here EmptySun Oct 11, 2009 12:11 am

The camara shows Twisted Ninjah walking down the hall wearing a black shirt with a picture of white dragon on it and some white pants, with some tenis shoes. Then when TN reaches the ring he grabs the mic from the announcer.

TN:"Hello people of BWB, *says some stuff in Japanese and in Chinese* Sorry bout that I talk to myself. I am Twisted Ninjah a foreigner from a small country in Asia where Chinese and Japanese cultures collide. I have been in other small feds but this one is the biggest yet. Most people think I am crazy *says some more stuff in Japanese and Chinese* I mean Twisted because I talk to myself and several other things you haven't seen yet and I plan on that not happening for awhile cause of my pills. I would like to have a challenging opponent for my first match but that may not happen. "

So TN gives his mic back to the announcer from whom he took it from and takes of his shirt getting ready for his match.
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Twisted Ninjah is here
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