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 You are the Saviour

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You are the Saviour Empty
PostSubject: You are the Saviour   You are the Saviour EmptyMon Oct 05, 2009 8:42 pm

The cameras are out the back, in the parking lot, there is a guy in a black leather jacket walking up towards the camera, he doesn't notice he is being watched and keeps walking.
Unknown Man: What the hell is this? You spying on me? come here kid
The camera comes closer to his face
Unknown Man: Oh, you are a Backyard Wrestling Battlegrounds cameraman... okay, fair enough... BOO! YOU KNOW WHO I AM... hahahah... I am the biggest thing to hit this place since it was born... MY NAME IS S-I-R-I-U-S... remember that... Sirius
Sirius strokes his unshaven face
Sirius: This is the time, when I slam your mouth and break your stupid jaw, this is the time I lock on the RIP and squeeze you until your brain explodes... THIS IS THE TIME TO GET SIRIUS! What? you don't understand? Hey, I am a 5-time Contenders Champ back in WCWF, I have been to Japan, England and wrestle polar bears... you need to do your research... I can beat you with all the weapons in the ring, outside the ring and all the weapons attached to my soul... I will beat you just by breathing, I am just THAT GOOD! I will rip your legs off and shove them down your throat... I may be a little bit out there, I may be the best wrestler ever... but I will not give up until every drop of blood has oozed from my body... and even then, I will be back... and I will make my mark across that ring. Ha ha ha... I am going to the office now to sign my new contract... SO GET OUT OF MY WAY!
Sirius storms off into the doors into the main lockerooms
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You are the Saviour
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