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 max righteous gets ready for his match

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max righteous  gets ready for his match Empty
PostSubject: max righteous gets ready for his match   max righteous  gets ready for his match EmptySun Oct 04, 2009 2:49 pm

a cloud of smoke appears over the arena and righteousness plays as the fans have mixed reactions and don,t know how to react then a dark figure appears in the ring

???: hey fans i am the max righteous and also your entatainer for the rest of my career plus i was at home and all i see is demonic knights this and demonic knights that who really cares i don,t

the fans screem uncontrolably as max smiles

max righteous: thats right no one cares and also there are some very good people like Scar and um sommer so i think i mite like it here and one more thing felix darren i like your work very much

darren: suck up

felix: thanks max


demonic knights can come out and try and attack me but i run out of the ring
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max righteous gets ready for his match
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