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 Chronicles of DvH - Not Enough

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Chronicles of DvH - Not Enough Empty
PostSubject: Chronicles of DvH - Not Enough   Chronicles of DvH - Not Enough EmptyFri Oct 02, 2009 3:04 am

The camara fades to a now familiar scene, DvH alone in his own Locker Room, in the background Our Lady Peace is once again playing, this time the song is 'Not Enough'

DvH: Here we are, Three weeks into my life story, and if your a loyal BWBian, then you have most probably got the magazine and game, GAME!? I here you say? Yes, theres a game, designed by yours truly, back getting back on track, if you monsters have enjoyed listening to my side of my own story, then your gonna love the next few weeks, I have decided im gonna continue doing these..'Chronicles' intil I reach now-a-day terms, and if you remember last time, you'll remember that...I had a great childhood.

The camaraman attempts to hold a laugh in, but can't as it escapes his mouth
DvH: You got the joke huh? Good. It's what I intended, and it proves that my pain, is others pleasure, yet my pain is my own pleasure now that I've realised, that what everybody's got is...

DvH waits a moment to say his next few words perfectly in time with the song

DvH:... Not Enough! Now where were we? I believe I was at the time my 'brother' left me, and had destroyed my last remants of my 'family', What I did next was, to me, brilliant.

DvH laughs then continues

DvH: Should I bring it from the top?
I couldn't understand it, the one person I trusted had betrayed me! I set out to find the reason, and I found it while I destroyed him,
He couldn't take it, I knew then what I wish I knew before, he was told by the 'authorities' ,a gang of 'cop-killers', that they wanted me dead, because I made their favourite superstar tap out, the first time he'd ever tapped out, to my KayOtika, back then it was called 'Enkel Trap' even though it wasn't even a damn Ankle Lock, that used to piss me off, but oh well, I won matches with it,
For those who were wondering 'Enkel' means Ankle.
Anyway, these guys couldn't take it that a damn 14 year old kid made their drug-dealer tap out, or as they called it, go cold turkey, which has nothing to do with giving up... oh wait nevermind.

DvH chuckles to himself realising a joke

DvH: Anyway, my 'brother' thought I used the picture of my family as my last resort, and he, thinking that I'd kill myself without it, got rid of it, forever. The 'authorities' then thought of me as gone, but I'd just wisened up and moved on, to, forgive the Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged pun, AMERICA! Im not allowed to say how or I'm pretty much gonna be forced from this country back to Holland.
I realised then that being good, was....

DvH once again waits...

DvH:... Not Enough. No, not enough, never enough! You have be better than good, better than great, and I'm better than Bret, the 'Hitman', the Legend, I'm better than him, and then there's the best of all, Chris Benoit, Rest in Peace my friend.

DvH seems to go silent for a minute as the song ends and 'Whatever' by Our Lady Peace come's on

DvH:...I'm better than him, And I'm going to continue being better than him and Bret and make them both proud to have been Submissionists.
Them and my Hatred for all thing's that don't respect me and them, drives me to crush, destroy, injure, maim and maul everybody that gets in the ring with me, I'm undefeated in one on one competition and at PPV's, a streak that I shall attempt to keep in their honour to my dying day.
And that....
Is Enough.

The camara fades back to black, and eventually to ringside.
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Chronicles of DvH - Not Enough
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