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 somewhere over the rainbow ...

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Jungle Jim

Jungle Jim

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somewhere over the rainbow ... Empty
PostSubject: somewhere over the rainbow ...   somewhere over the rainbow ... EmptyWed Sep 23, 2009 3:55 pm

Jungle Jim slowly opens his eyes to the sunshine pouring in through an open window. Quickly he closes them and moans in pain as his eyes try to adjust to the bright light. He tries to move but finds that his legs are in worse shape than his head, which feels as if it was just ran over by a freight train.

Jungle Jim : what the hell happened ? and just where am I ?

He slowly regains enough strength to maneuver his body into a crawling position. Raising his arm and shielding his eyes, he slowly scans his environment. He realizes that he is in the Jungle Lounge. He also realizes that he had a match last night against Zambo ...

Jungle Jim : now I remember ... the goon squad ... should of known ...

He makes his way to the edge of a chair and pulls his self up ...

Jungle Jim : I've had enough .... can't take much more of this .... four on one ... some how it doesn't seem fair ... and Sommerlund just lets it happen ... instead of putting his foot down and firing those idiots, he lets them run rough shot over HIS federation. He'll lose it if he's not careful ... hell, I think he's already lost it ....

He slowly stands and carefully limps his way over to the bar area in the Lounge. He scribbles a message on a small notepad sitting on the counter. He tosses his keys to the Lounge and his BWB ID badge next to the letter.

Jungle Jim : if he's not going to do anything about this, I guess I don't have any other choice ... I quit
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somewhere over the rainbow ...
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