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 Antary vs. Andrew Hawk. The Frontier, 28th September.

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Antary vs. Andrew Hawk. The Frontier, 28th September. Empty
PostSubject: Antary vs. Andrew Hawk. The Frontier, 28th September.   Antary vs. Andrew Hawk. The Frontier, 28th September. EmptySat Sep 19, 2009 4:55 pm

Antary runs up to the ring while his song plays, wearing a black T-Shirt with “DON`T LOOK HERE” on it. Getting on the ring he started to hail the crowd and performing his taunt – “The mighty kong”, cheering the crowd up. After few seconds, he stops, his trainer, that was outside of the ring, gives him the michrophone and leaves while submission wrestler starts speaking:
Antary: Hello, everyone! I`m glad you came here!
While crowd is going nuts, Antary walks around the ring, looking at all the people that came here. Waiting for them to calm down a little, he says:
Antary: The thing that you came here, makes me want to win every match ALREADY! I`m sure that you all have heard that I`m booked against that guy called Andrew Hawk. Well, I hope that you all will see what I`m made of. I hope to win that match, because that will be my debut and I`m sure my popularity won`t increase if I`ll lose. Well, just wish me luck and that`s all I need.
Some people start to boo, probably the fans of that Hawk. But Antary`s fans were cheering him up, so it was quite a mess. With smile, but looks like he is about to leave, because there seems to be no respond.

*Andrew, I`m not forcing you to respond, but if you do, I`ll really appreciate it. PM me if you`re not responding, tho.*
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Antary vs. Andrew Hawk. The Frontier, 28th September.
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