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 Dorm's Sample RP

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PostSubject: Dorm's Sample RP   Dorm's Sample RP EmptySat Sep 19, 2009 1:56 am

Lights in the arena goes off as smokes appearing around the stage of the arena..The lights then came back on but there's still no one there as the smoke is still thick around the stage area..When the smoke fades,Dorm-Mi-Nance suddenly ran into the ring with his sweat shirt and tights..He enters the ring and taunt around the ring as he insulted the fans..He then gets closer to the announcer table and took a microphone..He then moves on to the center of the ring..He then highers the microphone onto his chin and says..Before he could even speak,the fans boo him..

So,This is how its is going to be huh?you guys are going to keep jeering at me as I speak huh?

The jeers of the fans then gets louder..

Hmmmm..Since you guys like booing so much,I will have to do this..

Dorm-Mi-Nance exit the ring and approach a fan which are holding a banner saying 'Dormminance sucks'..Dorm-Mi-Nance took the banner from the fan and tear it into half..

There you go,a little custom-made by the Lord Of Disaster..Anyway, you spelled my name wrongly so you have to pay the consequences..Dorm-Mi-Nance pull the fan over the barricade and drag him into the ring..So,since you want it so much,I will have to do this to you..

Dorm grab the fan and land a devastating hurracarana..
The fan then stunned on the ground so he gets onto the up onto the turnbuckle and--

Pyros on the stage of the arena suddenly burst off causing Dorm-Mi-Nance to stop what he is doing..Suddenly XXX comes out of the backstage and request a challenge against Dorm-Mi-Nance to avoid the fan from getting hurt by Dorm-Mi-Nance's Swanton Splash..
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Dorm's Sample RP
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