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 Mr Jinter about Frontier

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Mr Jinter about Frontier Empty
PostSubject: Mr Jinter about Frontier   Mr Jinter about Frontier EmptyFri Sep 18, 2009 9:37 pm

Mr Jinter stands in the middle of the ring with mic in hand. The crowd is screaming.

Mr Jinter: They say"be careful for what you wish for."... Who are THEY, why be careful.
I say" bring it on."

The crowd goes wild

Mr Jinter: I have a match will Frankie C. Yes a match!!

The crowd gets louder

Mr Jinter: This Frankie guy want to make name for himself, show us what his got. Why Not, Who won't. He shown me that his a worthy opponent. So Frankie BRING IT ON.

Crowd screams.
Mr Jinter throws the mic down. Exit the ring
Music is playing. It's Frank Christopher.

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Mr Jinter about Frontier
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